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  • Checking Condition of Keel Bolts for Boating Season

    This is a very strange period in our lives. Marinas are just starting to launch, and social distancing will make sailing very difficult. When we can, there are some checks that we all need to do on the boat before launch. One of them is the condition of the keel bolts. Admittedly you can see […]

  • Virginia Project Inc

    The Virginia Project Inc.

    Maine’s First Vessel This was a ballast project for a reproduction of the 1607 “Virginia”.  She was the first vessel made in Maine. The ballast required for the reproduction was made in 6 custom cast lead sections. The total weight of the project was approximately 18,142 lbs. The shape of the ballast section was rectangular […]

  • Ballast for the New Electric Powered Maid of the Mist

    MarsKeel Technology is proud to have provided two new Maid of the Mist vessels with 62,400 lbs of 2” x 4” x 8” custom cast rectangular lead bricks, with each brick weighing 26 lbs. The weight was important because the ballast had to be installed by hand. The shape was critical as it had to […]

  • Case Study: MarsKeel Yacht Bolt Replacement Project For Lead Keels

    Bolts are used to secure a keel to the base of a boat. If the bolts are damaged, the safety of the vessel can be compromised. MarsKeel, a North American leader in keel technology, recently worked on a keel repair project for a Virginia-based client who owned a Hunter yacht. The Challenge Cobbs Marina contacted […]

  • Keel Bolt Replacement in Lead Cast Keels

    Do I need to replace the keel bolts? Why? This is why. Safety. The entire reason that a bolt needs to be replaced is safety. A corroded bolt can impact the safety of the boat and those on board. MarsKeel Technology has developed a proven and cost-effective methodology to replace them. The Keel Bolt Replacement […]

  • Happy Holidays From MarsKeel Technology

    Season’s greetings. All of us here at MarsKeel Technology want to wish you Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year. Our Holiday Hours December 24th to January 1st: Closed January 2nd: Open (Regular Hours) Our sales team will be monitoring emails and phone calls to ensure our customers are serviced appropriately during the holiday period. […]

  • MarsKeel Powers Saildrone’s Historic Transatlantic Voyage

    Saildrone (SD 1021), the world’s first unmanned surface vessel (USV), made use of MarsKeel’s unique lead ballast system to complete its record-breaking 3,402-nautical mile transatlantic voyage. Engineered to withstand the harshest ocean conditions on the planet, the Saildrone successfully traversed wind gusts of 58 knots (107 km/h), and 40-foot high waves during its two-way expedition […]

  • Lyman-Morse : Custom Keel for ANNA

    Marskeel was pleased to be asked to manufacture a complex custom keel for ANNA, a cold-molded 65′ modern classic daysailer under construction at boatbuilder Lyman-Morse. This beauty was designed by Paul Waring and Robert Stephens of Stephens Waring Yacht Design and Martha Coolidge of Martha Coolidge Design. See Video … Here is what Lyman-Morse had […]

  • 2016 Customer Satisfaction Survey Results – 99.4% !

    As part of our ongoing commitment to quality and ISO 9000 certification, we recently conducted our annual 2016 Customer Satisfaction Survey and sent out a questionnaire to our customers. We asked the following questions … 1. How would you rate the Quality of our products ? 2. How would you rate the TIMELINESS of our […]

  • MarsKeel Implements Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Protocol For Your Protection !

    In order to provide a secure safe computing environment for you (our customers) we have recently implemented the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol on our websites. You will now notice “Trust Indicators” such as a lock icon with the word “Secure” plus “HTTPS://” associated with our URL in your browser which means that you can […]

  • William Souter Presents to the 2016 SAMS® Annual Meeting

    William Souter presents at 2016 SAMS®  Annual Meeting & Educational Conference William Souter (Marskeel Chief Technologist) is delighted to have been given the opportunity to deliver a paper on the construction, design and repair of keels at the 2016 SAMS®  (Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors) annual meeting in Newport, Rhode Island. Bill would like to personally extend […]

  • Morris Yachts & MarsKeel Collaborate to Deliver the New M36x Performance Keel

    MarsKeel is proud to announce that we have just delivered another custom designed (Sparkman & Stephens) keel for Morris Yachts ( who had a customer looking for higher performance keel for a Morris 36X purchase. The M36x keel is a fabricated SS fin cast onto a lead bulb and the design allows for both a […]