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Incline Test Weights

MarsKeel can be an important partner in the certification of new or modified vessels by providing Test Weights for the Incline Testing procedure.

testMarsKeel manufactures Lead and Steel Marine Test Weights for Incline tesing. Our weights can be supplied on a rental basis from a number of stock sizes or custom designed and manufactured. We can also provide custom sizes for rental on our Use/Return Credit basis.

An inclining test is a test performed on a ship to determine its stability, lightship weight and the coordinates of its center of gravity. The test is applied to newly constructed ships greater than 24m in length, and to ships altered in ways that could affect stability. Inclining test procedures are specified by the International Maritime Organization and other international associations.

The weight of a vessel can be readily determined by reading draughts and comparing with the known hydrostatic properties. The metacentric height (GM), which dominates stability, can be estimated from the design, but an accurate value must be determined by an inclining test.

Contact us for custom design and manufacturing in our facilities to your exact incline test weights requirements with worldwide shipping.