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Case Study: Dissimilar Metal Combination Keel For 76-Foot Yacht

August 12, 2022

Working alongside a US-based designer and boat building company, MarsKeel Technology recently provided a dissimilar metal combination keel for a 76-foot yacht. The keel consists of two sections; the upper section is a hollow fabricated steel keel fin (A36/44W) and the lower section is a lead cast bulb. The bulb was integrally cast onto the […]

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Projects We’ve Been Working on At MarsKeel

March 18, 2022

The team at MarsKeel has been working on a great mix of new custom work and all kinds of different repair keels. We have also been busy quoting several projects, which indicates that the marine business is improving as we move farther out from the pandemic. For over 40 years Marskeel has focused on being […]

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Finding and Fixing Damaged Keel Bolts…The Process Explained

January 24, 2022

Let us bring all the parts of a possible keel bolt concern together for you. You need to be able to define, likely with professional help, if there is a problem. Then what is it likely to cost to fix. This includes the yard charges as well as our repair charges. Then there is a fast look into how it is actually accomplished.

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