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Molding Process

Our pattern making capabilities are limited only to the imagination of the designers, naval architects and our clients’ wishes.

We provide pattern construction to our customers to ensure “one stop shopping” as we handle all elements of construction. Patterns are constructed by the designer supplying us with CAD drawings for castings and IGES files for CNC surfacing projects. Our capability of pattern construction is unlimited – with neither size nor complexity being an issue.

MarsKeel’s molding techniques are as diverse as the company itself.

We have developed over the years a production Ceramicast Lifetime Tooling System™ which is another hallmark of MarsKeel Technology. It consists of a durable mold that for production casting will guarantee production casting for the lifetime of the model produced. We are constantly working with our mold material provider to create stronger, faster curing and the most accurate detail reproduction for our molding procedures.

For one-off custom castings our AccuSand™ molding is the ultimate in assuring the customer the highest detailing in dimension and accuracy. AccuSand™ will achieve extreme tolerances with maximum cast density.

Our extensive research and development in specialized molding techniques have made us the leader in our industry today.