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Sail World Feature: An interview with Bill Souter, Our Technical Keel Specialist

June 24, 2024

At MarsKeel Technology, our innovation runs as deep as the waters our vessels sail. We’ve worked on projects of all kinds, from custom keels for yachts to ballast system solutions for autonomous research vessels like the Saildrone Explorer for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Our Technical Keel Specialist, Bill Souter, sat down with […]

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MarsKeel and Catalina’s Newly Designed 425 Shaol Draft Bulb Keel

February 06, 2024

The Catalina 425 is an all-new design that assumes the position in the Catalina line held by the legendary Catalina 42. Embracing a contemporary aesthetic, it is designed to endure in function and aesthetics in the Catalina tradition. The 425 utilizes signature Catalina features, including a functional and spacious cockpit, a comfortable, carefully detailed interior, […]

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MarsKeel Supplies Ballast in All Shapes and Sizes

December 12, 2023

MarsKeel Technology is here to help you. We supply ballast in a vast array of forms and weights. From custom molded parts to standard ingots and bricks, we offer it all to you. We serve the commercial, naval, and private marine industries.

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Your Guide to Keel Maintenance

November 17, 2023

Keel maintenance is like any other maintenance on the boat; it is a matter of keeping an eye out for any tell-tale signs of water, or corrosion or wear. If you can stay ahead of it, it is extremely unlikely that major maintenance concerns will arise.

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Case Study: MarsKeel Technology Partners with Scarano Boats

July 27, 2023

Scarano Boats MarsKeel Technology has completed another project for our friends at Scarano Boat Building Inc. located in Albany, NY. This yacht was designed by Scarano Boat Builders, and is an 88’ long, plank on frame and fiberglass sheathed hull, 2-masted schooner used for sailing excursions. MarsKeel is very proud to say we had a […]

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MarsKeel is Proud to Supply Keels for The Boat of the Year 2023 Winners

January 06, 2023

MarsKeel is proud to be an exclusive Keel supplier to outstanding companies including the Cruising World magazine Boat of the Year 2023 winners in their respectable class. Congratulations to the 2023 winners! Read more about the top boats of the year below.   Domestic Boat of the Year 2023 Winner: Lyman-Morse LM46   Cruising World […]

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Where Technology Meets Passion, 40 Years of Excellence

December 22, 2022

MarsKeel Technology is the largest keel manufacturer in North American providing custom and production keels to known builders and sailors worldwide. For over 40 years we have offered our clients the highest quality keels and continue to refine our process and further our reputation as an industry leader. Custom Keels MarsKeel Technology has supplied custom […]

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Happy Holidays from The Mars Metal Group of Companies

December 20, 2022

On behalf of the Mars Metal Group of Companies we want to wish you happy holidays and a prosperous New Year. We want to extend our appreciation to everyone who supported us this year and we look forward to what 2023 holds! Best wishes for this upcoming year and we look forward to servicing you […]

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Keel Bolt Replacement in Lead Cast Keels

October 13, 2022

Do I need to replace the keel bolts? Why? This is why. Safety. The entire reason that a bolt needs to be replaced is safety. A corroded bolt can impact the safety of the boat and those on board. MarsKeel Technology has developed a proven and cost-effective methodology...

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Case Study: Dissimilar Metal Combination Keel For 76-Foot Yacht

August 12, 2022

Working alongside a US-based designer and boat building company, MarsKeel Technology recently provided a dissimilar metal combination keel for a 76-foot yacht. The keel consists of two sections; the upper section is a hollow fabricated steel keel fin (A36/44W) and the lower section is a lead cast bulb. The bulb was integrally cast onto the […]

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