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At MarsKeel Technology, we understand that deadlines are a crucial part of production.

All keel requirements are processed quickly and efficiently as you deal directly with our qualified personnel from design, concept to finished keel delivery. We package, load, secure and seal the container (if used) at our facility. We are the last people to see the project before you open it; this allows us to personally confirm the load is safe, secure and complete. Photos are taken of the load just before the container is sealed so that we can show you how it was loaded.

Worldwide Shipping Services

Our extensive network of worldwide shipping services provides guaranteed on-time delivery, whether it is across the country or across the world! Our ocean-going freight is containerized and custom-packaged to ensure safe and secure freight. MarsKeel Technology also provides the customer the required engineered lifting brackets and unloading instructions for all our products. We do everything possible to make the receiving of the projects as simple and safe as possible. We are not restricted in the style, weight or size of the project shipped. MarsKeel Technology will simply utilize the most suitable and secure method of shipping and delivering the product to you. For example, we can ship using any format, 20 ft (for loads up to 55,000 lbs) or 40 ft (for loads up to 65,000 lbs) containers or as break bulk (for loads in excess of 65,000 lbs or over-sized loads), to deliver our product worldwide, either door-to door or door-to-port.

Our in-house brokerage service allows us to handle all international paperwork and arrangements so our customer is assured of smooth and trouble-free processing.

At MarsKeel Technology, we are as proud of the finished product as you are. We take every care and precaution to ensure that your keel arrives in perfect condition and on time. No matter where in the world, no matter what the size our attention to detail does not stop until you are satisfied.