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Production Keels

MarsKeel has been supplying production keels to just about every known builder in North America over the last 35 years.

Our low-cost MarsKeel Lifetime Tooling System™ has made us the most economical and efficient production keel tooling supplier available to get you started up and producing faster, for less money than any others.


Our production keels are cast to exact alloy specifications and produced on a consistent basis supplying identical castings within the specified weight tolerances.

All of our produced production keels utilize our below lead MarsKeel welded bolt armature system ensuring accurate bolt placement each and every time cast. It also offers added security that each bolt is welded together below the lead surface as a secure complete Stainless Steel armature.

Our keels are cast in a controlled environment utilizing only blended ingot lead – no scrap or secondary metal is used, guaranteeing a quality alloyed casting each and every time.


Once cast we utilize our specialized fairing department to fair and paint each keel to our high quality production standards. We use a high end fairing compound where required and apply two final coats of Interprotect 2000E Epoxy Barrier Coat Paint.

Rigorous Inspection

Our 360 Degree 12 Point Inspection System™, before heading to packaging, assures the customer of detailed trailing edges, consistent bolt placement, and ten other inspections rounding out our protection process. Each MarsKeel Production casting has its own quality assurance sheet filled out and filed once approved by Production Management.

Careful packaging and shipping

Our packaging and shipping department once again oversees the final inspection ensuring all bolt threads are perfect and applies caulking around each keel bolt at the root chord to ensure no water penetration if the keel sits vertically outside waiting for install. Finally bolt thread protectors are added to each keel bolt to provide protection from possible nicking in transit and offloading.

The final step is the custom construction of the shipping pallet/crates for the “Ready-To-Install MarsKeel” each and every keel is custom packaged to ensure the same quality of when it left our facility shipped to when it arrives at our customer’s location anywhere in the world!