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Lifting Keels

General Construction Process

MarsKeel Technology offers our customers complete product development and management of the lifting keel system. We have brought together the finest team of specialists to generate a world leading keel system and to allow us to respond to the needs of the super yacht and high performance yachting industries. This team includes people throughout the supply chain, from material suppliers (i.e. Steel suppliers), to hydraulic and bearing suppliers, to our engineering and design team (MarsKeel Design Group), to the people on the shop floor manufacturing the system. It is this depth and breadth of professionals that makes the MarsKeel Technology team leaders in product innovation and quality.

Product, Engineering & Design Services

We will generate all engineering and design right from preliminary work based on the offered conceptual drawings to final approved construction drawings and the needed shop and production drawings. This can include the

needed information for certification by a third party such as Lloyds Register, or RINA, or ABS. Additional services such as FEA can be offered as part of the engineering package.

  • Manufacture lifting keels for yachts ranging from 22m to 55m plus
  • From high performance yachts to super yachts
  • Creation of the fin and bulb
  • Complete in design and engineering of the entire system (from the fin, bulb, and hydraulics to the composite or metallic trunk design)
  • Delivery of all of the needed components
Manufacturing Services

We offer the MarsKeel Technology production system to our customers. We have extensive experience in:

  • interpreting customer drawings
  • creating a concept that meets or exceeds all of the customers’ requirements
  •  meet the needs of engineering, design, the fabricator and machine shop

For example we have created the concept for lifting keels systems in metallic yachts that is a “Cassette”. This will make installation and maintenance of the entire keel system easier. All of the components are simply inserted into the recess in the yacht and bolted into place.

In terms of general manufacturing we offer the customer complete manufacturing of the keel. We provide:

  • working drawings
  • creation of the bulb pattern
  • manufacturing of the needed keel fin and trunk
  • comprehensive assembly and dry fitting of all the components of the keel before packaging

The keel system is packaged in a custom designed packaging system and loaded and sealed by MarsKeel Technology staff at our facility. Learn more about our shipping process

MarsKeel Technology has assembled the team of professionals to provide you with all of the project (design and engineering) and manufacturing support you require for the creation of the automated keel system you require. Let our experience, creativity and experience work for you on your next lifting project.