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MarsKeel Supplies Ballast in All Shapes and Sizes

MarsKeel Technology is here to help you. We supply ballast in a vast array of forms and weights. From custom molded parts to standard ingots and bricks, we offer it all to you. We serve the commercial, naval, and private marine industries.

MarsKeel can coat the required ballast in almost any coating, at additional cost. This adds a separation layer between the ballast and the lead, as well as protection from any corrosion.

When it comes to ballast, it is all about what weight and shape suit your needs. We offer a solution that will fit any need, from naval to commercial, to yacht builders and private yachts.

Here is a selection of the many different forms of ballast that we can offer our customers, broken into their typical uses.

Commercial and Naval Industry

For the commercial and naval portions of the industry, our product range includes both extruded and cast lead options. The extruded option is for uses requiring very large volumes of ballast to a very specific size and weight. The cast option offers the customer a more flexible design and weight range. There is really no limit to the size, shape, or weight that can be cast. The choice comes down to what can be handled by the customer.

This is our new triangular brick, approx. 42 lbs., 4” x 4” x 4” x 16” Allows for very tight stacking. Typically used in larger vessels.

These are our standard ingots, approx. 65 lbs. per. Brought in approx. 2.500 lbs. bundles. Can be used in barges and commercial vessels. It might not be small enough to fit into smaller areas on private boats

This is a 64,000 lbs. order for a pair of tour boats in Ontario. These are one of our standard rectangular brick molds

Motor Yacht and Sailors

For the motor yacht and sailors, we offer many cast brick options to allow you to retrim your vessel. From our small versatile “ice cube tray” to larger cast bricks, our “handi picks” as well as bags of lead shot.

This is our “ice cube tray”. It is approx. 10-1/2” x 2” x 2” and 10 lbs. They are perfect for cutting into smaller pieces.

These are a stack of our standard non-interlocking rectangular bricks.

  • 4” x 8” x 2”
  • 4” x 12” x 2”

This is a list of the various sizes of our non-interlocking rectangular bricks we stock.

This is our 26 lbs. “handi pick”. With an integrally cast handle the weights are easier to move and position.

This is our #8 lead shot. It comes in a cotton bag, the one in the picture is not the standard bag.

It can be purchased in 25 lbs. bags or in bulk in 2000 lbs. drums.

Yacht Manufacturers

For yacht manufacturers, we can offer you cast internal ballast if needed. This is not a common way to ballast a boat now, but it is a solution that we offer. Here are a couple of current examples of what we can offer you.

This is a pair of casting internal ballast blocks for a sailboat manufacturer.

This is a selection of cast internal weights for a boat builder.

There are threaded inserts cast into the parts to allow the builder to lower them into the hulls safely.

MarsKeel Technology offers you a wide range of ballast weights, shapes, and sizes. This doesn’t include the endless possibilities of custom-made cast weights.

If you need to add or replace the ballast in your ship or yacht, we are here to assist you. Please contact us for assistance.