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MarsKeel Featured in Boating Industry Canada

MarsKeel is excited to share the article about keel repair and our processes in the April 2014 edition of  Boating Industry Canada Magazine!


“IS THE KEEL the most often ignored part of your customer’s boat? Here is a profit-making, customer benefit idea for our readers in the marina, yacht club, repair yard and brokerage businesses. The suggestion is to promote keel maintenance and repair. Your customer’s lead keel is out of sight and out of mind almost all the time, but it is always a factor in the boat’s performance, handling and safety. The lead keel on your customer’s sailboat is working at all times, stabilizing the vessel at rest and giving it directional stability underway, but if it’s been bent or damaged, it may be fighting the helm every mile of the way. Let’s get the good news out on the table right away–a damaged lead keel can be repaired in most cases. We say “in most cases” because there’s an economic reality involved. As the boat ages, its value drops. A keel repair on a relatively new boat might be a cause of upset for the owner but economically, it’s probably well justified given the value of the vessel. The cost of a keel repair becomes more and more significant as the value of the boat drops over time, to the point where an owner may deem it not worthwhile.”

Read the full article here

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