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Where Technology Meets Passion, 40 Years of Excellence

MarsKeel Technology is the largest keel manufacturer in North American providing custom and production keels to known builders and sailors worldwide. For over 40 years we have offered our clients the highest quality keels and continue to refine our process and further our reputation as an industry leader.

Custom Keels

MarsKeel Technology has supplied custom yacht builders from around the world, from the United States to South Africa and Turkey.  These have been many different types of keels from the largest single cast lead keel made in North America (152,000 lbs.) to CNC machined lifting keels. We offer our customers complete engineering and design support, full project management as well as the physical range of manufacturing processes, from casting to metal fabrication to complete CNC machining up to 30’. It is our dedication to serving the customer to the very highest level of quality that unifies our team and produces the very best keel systems in the world.

Production Keels

MarsKeel Technology has been supplying production keels to just about every known builder in North America.

Our low-cost MarsKeel Lifetime Tooling System™ has made us the most economical and efficient production keel tooling supplier available to get you started-up and producing faster, for less money than our competitors.

Our 360 Degree – 12 Point Inspection System™, before heading to packaging, assures the customer of detailed trailing edges, consistent bolt placement, and ten other inspections rounding out our protection process. Each MarsKeel Production casting has its own quality assurance sheet filled out and filed once approved by Production Management


Our specialized aftermarket services including, keel modifications and repair service sets the standard for all others to follow.

Our commitment to technological advancements and staff dedication has earned us a reputation throughout the industry with designers and builders that is second-to-none. With over 100 million pounds of castings over three decades, our casting experience and metallurgical knowledge places MarsKeel Technology™ as the worldwide industry leader.


Our quality management system is certified by both ISO 9001:2015 and CSA N299.3-16

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