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The Tempus 90

The Tempus Fugit has launched and is receiving a lot of attention from around the world. MarsKeel is proud to have supplied the keel system for this 90ft yacht, designed by Humphreys Yacht Design in the UK, and built by Arkin Pruva Yachts in Turkey.

The Tempus Fugit is the first of the Tempus 90 range of classically inspired yachts to be built. It has clean hull lines and marvelous exterior finishes, giving the yacht a stunning appearance and an excellent turn of speed as well as balance and handling characteristics. The Keel for this yacht was a 23,000 kg (50,600 lbs.) casting with 25 – 24mm high strength stainless steel keel bolts cast in place. The bolts required a water jet cut CAD generated positioning plate, in addition to our normal bolt rack, to maintain bolt positioning accuracy during the casting process.

The largest challenge was not the actual production of the keel but it was the shipping. The challenge was fitting the keel into a standard sea container. MarsKeel designed a custom fabricated steel cradle to support and secure the keel on the necessary angle to allow it to fit into a standard 20’ open top sea container. The keel was rotated approx. 30 degrees off vertical. The keel was shipped from our headquarters in Burlington, Ontario (Canada) all the way to Turkey.

Just recently, the Tempus Fugit placed 5th in 23-yacht IRC Class A field at Les Voiles de St. Tropez and is expected to move to the Caribbean this winter, and plans are being considered for a cruise up the U.S. East Coast during summer 2014.

Underwater we weren’t constrained. We wanted to produce a well-balanced, nice sailing boat that wasn’t at all clunky and wasn’t going to rely on having pro sailors.” – Rob Humphreys, at the Les Violes de St. Tropez

The Tempus Range is being released in 90’, 125’ and 150’ models with a choice of sloop, cutter or ketch rigs. Learn more at www.humphreysdesign.com or www.arkinpruva.com.

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