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SV Rosie G Project: A Journey of a Dream

In 1977, Barry dreamed to design a sailing yacht he wanted. At the time, he had SV Seminole (which he built) anchored off the river mouth in Tahiti, and she was a very loved vessel.

But human nature takes hold with most of us and we all fantasize about something different and better no matter how content we are in the present.

Barry spent hours collaborating ideas with his best friend, Patrick, while they were barefoot vagabond sailing together.

A simple vessel with the fewest moving parts, laminated wood, and epoxy hull…. they even thought of electric power back then!

Barry’s vision continued for many years, and he never lost sight of someday building his dream boat.

In October 2006, two very special additions, Samantha, and her two-year-old Red Cloud Kelpie by the name of Rosie G, both from Western Australia, joined him on the island of Maui.

Rosie adapted well to Island life “Maui style” and loved sailing on SV Cornelia, their 42-foot cruising yacht moored in Lahaina.

Rosie was a natural on board and ruled the vessel. She even taught Captain Barry, a veteran sailor of over five decades a thing or two — four legs are better than two in rough seas don’t you know!

In 2014, an early sketch of his vision and concept emerged again. A lot of quick drawings came forth until the scale ruler and drafting sticks became necessary.

Once Barry scaled it up so it looked real enough, he called Jim Antrim, a Naval Architect he had earlier boat fantasies and discussions with. Jim is a patient fellow, so Barry knew there was no way of him shying away from unusual designs.

Jim recommended a fantastic guy, Cree Partridge, owner of Berkeley Marine Center, to build the boat. Barry, Jim, and Cree began the journey and the “SV Rosie G “ was on its way to becoming reality.

So, fast forward to 2018 and the final design had come to fruition.

SV Rosie G is a Scow Bow designed vessel for a soft ride, long straight waterlines, massive volume with great stability, with abundant open space. Complete with an electric power drive and a 100% carbon tapered tube mast from GMT Composites complimented the vessel.

My relationship started with Barry and Samantha when MarsKeel was called upon to make the keel. Our Design and Technical team at MarsKeel Technology headed by Bill Souter got to work immediately.

The keel was of a shoal draft design but sleek with a weight of 7,405 lbs. It was an Antimonial Lead Keel with a generous amount of 1” diameter 316 Grade Stainless Steel bolts cast in place.

MarsKeel confirmed the design criteria and any recommended changes, made the pattern, then created the casting mold all in house. Rosie’s Keel was produced a few months later all within 1% of designed weight!

As the project came together, Samantha and I started to communicate more just about life and our love of dogs.

Ironically, my wife Cathy and I had a trip planned a year in advance to Maui, of all places, so conveniently I reached out to Samantha to arrange for all of us to finally meet in person.

Samantha was thrilled we were going to visit the island they call home. Samantha and Barry graciously picked us up at our hotel in Wailea and drove us all to a quaint restaurant for a splendid seafood dinner with a few cocktails and great conversation – our friendship was born.

Their hospitality was overwhelming, inviting us for an afternoon sail on their current sailboat SV Cornelia, a magnificent 42-foot sailing vessel decked out for ocean cruising.

Unfortunately, their first mate Rosie G, was not up to cruising with us that day, as we all know some days are better than others when we get older and Rosie was getting on in age.

The sail was magical and the scenery of the island from offshore was amazing. With the wind blowing at about 10-15 knots, it made the afternoon sail so memorable.

Sadly, Rosie passed in May 2019, but her name will live on forever with her boat. Her ashes are front and center in the hull and in the keel, so she will be with her namesake forever.

Read on at her blog and follow her journey and the continuation of this great build at www.reddogyachts.com.


Kevin Mile, President
MarsKeel Technology®