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Projects We’ve Been Working on At MarsKeel

The team at MarsKeel has been working on a great mix of new custom work and all kinds of different repair keels. We have also been busy quoting several projects, which indicates that the marine business is improving as we move farther out from the pandemic. For over 40 years Marskeel has focused on being here for our customers, and we are determined to support them for year to come.

MarsKeel Projects

We have been repairing keels, replacing damaged or shallow draft keels with deep keels, and making new production and new custom keels.

OEM Keels

We have had several requests and orders for new models and builds from our production builders. This business is coming from both large and small yacht builders, providing a good mix of projects for the MarsKeel team to take on.

Repair Keels

Beneteau 351 Keel bolts: Shipped to us from Brisbane Australia, this required keel bolts that had corroded to be replaced. While this was a common job to take on, the logistics associated with the project certainly were not. The ships got caught in shipping delays in both directions. The customer was very understanding, which made the project far less stressful.



C&C 34 Plus Keel bolts: This keel was brought in for frost damage repair down very close to the wing. The keel also needed the keel bolts replaced, as discussed and priced with the customer at the beginning of the project. Everything was repaired, and the keel is on its way back to the customer.



Keel Replacements

With the cooperation of the associated yacht builders, MarsKeel has been able to offer customers the ability to change from shoal or deep keels, in these cases, as well as replace damaged keels that can not be repaired.



Custom Keels

This is a custom hollow fabricated keel spar going on an existing yacht. The leading and trailing edges are to be made from high-density foam and FRP. The keel spar was sent to another company for the application of the faring then back to the boat yard for the installation on the yacht and installation of the existing bulb.



We are also in the process of building a custom keel for another retrofit on a 71’. It is early in the process, so there are no photos available. The keel in a hollow fabrication cast into an approx. 14,500 lbs. bulb. This keel will have foil applied and made from high-density foam and FRP applied around the steel fabricated spar and cast lead bulb we are making. This keel will be delivered later this spring.


During the last few months, MarsKeel has been working on diverse projects ranging with a wonderful mix of customers. There are several projects in the pipeline and we want to thank our customers for their support. We never take our work for granted and will continue to provide exception service to out customers.

MarsKeel Technology is always here to assist you with all your keel needs.