Keel Bolt Replacement

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If your keel bolts have deteriorated to the point where they are unsafe, or have failed entirely, or have been damaged in an accident, they can be replaced.  MarsKeel can offer you replacement technology and techniques that return your keel to new condition.

MarsKeel has the ability to replace damaged keel bolts in the original keel. Our technology allows us to remove damaged keel bolts from keels and install new bolts with no loss in the surface shape, strength or position relative to any untouched bolt.

The main benefit of this process over other methods is that it is stronger than simply threading in lag screws through the sump into the lead. With our system you do not run the risk of hitting the old bolt with the new fastener. Our method does, however require that the boat is hauled the keel be removed for the bolts to be replaced.

We can offer you any bolt material. However, generally speaking, most production boats would either have 304 or 316L grade Stainless Steel keel bolts.

Once the keel has had all the necessary bolts replaced it is brought to the packaging department where it is skidded for shipping. If it is possible, we will skid the keel upright to make installing it easier for the customer.

Keel Maintenance, By William Souter