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MarsKeel at REFIT Show

Kevin Milne the President of MarsKeel Technology will be attending the REFIT International Exhibition & Conference on Thursday January 28th, 2016.

For over 35 years MarsKeel Technology has been designing and manufacturing keels up to 200,000 lbs. and suppling the marine industry with specialized castings. Our custom keel design and manufacturing expertise includes all lead keels, lifting keels, fabricated fins, machined fins / bulbs and cast fins. Our expertise also includes custom keel draft reductions, keel bolt replacement, keel straightening, keel repair, stability bulbs, custom keel modifications and repair.

As we say “We Do More Than Make The Worlds Best Keels !”… we look after all of your underwater needs, or above the waterline for that matter, with commercial power and sail marine ballast solutions, drive lines struts and incline / stability test weights.

Please feel free to call Kevin at (800) 381-5335 or email him (kmilne@marsmetal.com) to set up an appointment at REFIT to discuss our capabilities further along with any projects you might have in mind.