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Markeel Technology to produce “All Lead” keel for new Catalina 425

MarsKeel Technology is proud to announce that we have been selected by Catalina Yachts to manufacture both an “All Lead” Shoal Wing and a Deep Draft keel for their new euro-influenced Catalina 425.

This is what Robert H. Perry had to say in his article on the Catalina 425 in the March 2016 edition of Sailing Magazine.

“Here is something new and a bit different from Gerry Douglas and his design crew at Catalina. In the past Catalina has stuck to a very conservative look that in time has distinguished it from the more contemporary or Euro-influenced designs. But with its new 425, Catalina has moved in the Euro direction a bit and is producing a boat that is aesthetically on a new tack. I like the look of the boat. To my eye the style is clean, simple and strong.
Catalina 425 aft perspective_a
This is a relatively light design with a long, 39-foot 1-inch DWL for a D/L of 130. The freeboard is high. The sections show a small amount of deadrise running all the way to the stern. The L/B is 3.18 and the beam, while broad aft, is not as exaggerated as we see on some current models. You can choose the standard keel with a 6-foot 8-inch draft, or the shoal keel with a 4-feet 11-inch draft. All in all this is a very moderate hull form, with plenty of beam and DWL for good initial stability.

Note the nacelle for …[continued] “