Morris Yachts & MarsKeel Collaborate to Deliver the New M36x Performance Keel

  • September 27, 2016

keel4MarsKeel is proud to announce that we have just delivered another custom designed (Sparkman & Stephens) keel for Morris Yachts ( who had a customer looking for higher performance keel for a Morris 36X purchase.

The M36x keel is a fabricated SS fin cast onto a lead bulb and the design allows for both a lighter keel and a lower center of gravity, making the yacht stiff and fast. A perfect combination for the owner that wants the comfort of a cruiser and more performance.

The manufacturing process for the keel was a relatively normal procedure with shapes provided by the designer for the fitting and fabrication of CNC cut plate parts. The process however was not as simple as it sounded as there was (as always) the need for the professional touch of an experienced fitter welder to make what looked good on paper be amazing in real life ! This is what MarsKeel continually strives to offer our customers.

Once the fin was complete and prepped it is was cast into the bulb using a copyrighted process developed by MarsKeel Technology. This process eliminates the need for attachment bolts, simplifies the casting and saves money which is a win- win for all involved. The keel was then faired with epoxy based fillers, we re-enforced the lead stainless steel joint to mitigate joint concerns, sand it smooth to shape and applied a barrier coat to it.

The keel was packaged on an upright custom made container and shipped to Morris Yachts for final installation on the M36x.

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