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A Blast From The Past !

It was great to hear from our old friend Edwin Muth concerning S/V FROG’S LEAP, his beloved Wauquiez Centurion C49. A number of years ago MarsKeel designed and manufactured a custom keel for his refitting project and Edwin says the boat is ready for liveaboard duty and he has been happily sailing ever since. Here is what he had to say …

“I was very happy with the result and MarsKeel program management, communications, and capabilities. I chose them because they had CAD/CAM capabilities and were more than an old fashion casting house. Though my keel would be manually built from CAD drawings, the knowledge and approach, in my opinion, permeate the rest of the company and this shows in their product and customer contacts. They built the keel in a record SIX WEEKS! This was unheard of, I was lucky that they worked so hard on the project and also that times were quite slow in the marine industry at the time.”

You can see more details about the keel system here and some great picture of S/V FROG’S LEAP here. Thanks very much for thinking about us Edwin !