Internal Ballast

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MarsKeel supplies Internal Ballast in every shape and size from 10 lb (4.5kg) Trim Ballast Blocks to 50,000 lb (22,727kg) one-piece Internal Lead Keel Casted Inserts.
We stock over half a million pounds of standard ingot lead bars at any given time for immediate delivery. In addition, we stock lead shot in bags for internal trim ballast or other tight-to-fit areas including stock cast shapes from our extensive inventory of tooling.

If custom shapes are required for production casting runs, or as a one-off specific requirement, MarsKeel can accommodate all of your needs.

Lead Sheet Ballast

SheetLeadOur sister company, Mars Metal, provides sheet lead for ballast applications when additional weight is required for wrapping Lead Keel Bulbs and Fins. It is available in rolls and stocked in different roll sizes and thicknesses and ready for immediate shipping. Other applications can include magnetic shielding, sound proofing, and vibration control.

Click here for specifics and to read more about our Mars Metal sheet lead.

Lead Shot & Ballistic Shot Bags

LeadShotMarsKeel Technology has a number of alternatives for Internal Ballast including lead shot in a number of conveniently packaged forms for your specific application. Lead shot is an excellent option for your ballast requirements when space or tight applications are a challenge. Lead shot is also excellent for trim ballast applications, keel centerboard ballast fills and lifting keel applications.We stock lead shot in standard 25 lb. canvas bags. For added strength and durability, we also offer lead shot in bags manufactured of 600 Denier vinyl coated black nylon or ballistic nylon to meet rigid fire rating specs.

Click here for further details about our Mars Metal lead shot.

Lead Brick Ballist

Our lead bricks are an ideal solution as marine ballast weights. They are available in a wide range of sizes, thicknesses and shapes to suit your application.

Straight Lead Bricks

Lead brick ballast can be cut on site in any direction without the fear of losing the interlocking capability.

Stock Ingots

Ice Cube Tray

65 LB

25 LB Handi Pick Strip

Lead Ingot Information Sheet