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Pattern Construction


  • Production and Custom Patterns and Plugs produced from prints or IGES Files
  • Patterns for High Production runs and one-off custom
  • Patterns on Match Plates for Iron, Stainless Steel and Bronze Castings
  • Pattern Construction up 50 ft. in length and 16 ft in height
  • CNC Machined part tooling and fixtures available.  To learn more please visit the CNC Machined Lead Parts page on our Mars Metal website.

Molding Capabilities


  • MarsKeel Lifetime Ceramicast Tooling System ™ available for Production Keel Accounts
  • One-off Custom Molding from our MarsKeel Accusand™
  • In house Molding Capacity for keels up to 200,000 lbs

Lead Alloy Casting


  • Keel casting up to 200,000 lbs.
  • Production and Custom One-Off castings
  • Design Consultation for High Performance Custom keels
  • CNC Machined finishes
  • Custom coating applications
  • Total Project Management available