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Custom Keels

At MarsKeel Technology we are a complete and comprehensive keel manufacturer. We have the capacity to cast keels from 100 lbs. (approx. 50kgs) to 200,000 lbs (approx. 90,900 Kgs) in a continuous pour.

Our world-leading casting capacity is only one part of our comprehensive services. MarsKeel Technology brings all the other aspects of the keel production together to offer our customers the highest possible quality keels.

The MarsKeel Technology production process

1. Receipt of the required CAD keel drawing from the customer, builder or designer with all necessary details.

2. Optional utilization of our Design Group, if there are any aspects of the design process that the customer wants us to complete.

3. Production team moves the project through its many stages on the way to completion, from the keel pattern, production of the mold, casting cores, bolt rack, keel casting & finishing, right through to final delivery.

The MarsKeel Advantage

There is a massive range of levels of complexity to production, from relatively simply custom castings to keels and bulbs that require complex assemblies of fabricated and machined parts to generate the needed level of detail. We have experience with all aspects for all weight ranges. At MarsKeel Technology we simply take care of the entire production process.

It is the comprehensive control system we have over the production process from design to final delivery that ensures the highest quality of keels for the customer.

There are many steps in the process of taking the offered drawing from concept to reality. These steps are explained on the Lead Keel Production Process page in our Resource Section.