Keel bolts

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At MarsKeel we offer a complete inventory of consumer or custom fasteners in any possible combination of materials, types and sizes of fasteners.

The fasteners that we provide are generally either keel bolts or hex nuts. We can offer other types of fasteners but they are just not commonly desired.

If you require higher strength materials or uncommon sizes we will make it for you.

We have access to the complete range of fasteners available standard materials such as 304, 316L Stainless Steel and Bronze. However more importantly we can produce fasteners in non-common sizes and materials such as 2205 Duplex Stainless SteelAqualoy 22 and Nitronic 50.

Some of the listed materials offer a wider range of fasteners available than others. Typically the 304, 316 Stainless Steel and Bronze are commercially available in the widest range of sizes. The higher strength materials require being custom made.

You have options both in terms of the materials & sizes. Any material can be used to produce any Imperial or Metric size in the Machinery Handbook. For example, we regularly produce some sizes that were not in the book. We produce a M52 custom hex nut that had the same dimension across flats as the M56 hex nut. This allowed the customer to use the same socket for both nuts.

The machining of the fasteners is offered from a variety of sources. In a very similar method as discussed in the Machining of Custom Parts section of this website. MarsKeel will always use the most appropriate tool to produce the required fastener.


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