Saildrone Autonomus Research Platform Ballast System

  • September 27, 2016

MarsKeel Technology is proud to announce that we have been chosen to supply the lead ballast system for the breakthrough Saildrone project. The Saildrone is an autonomous unmanned sailboat utilizing wing technology pioneered over a 10 year period by founder Richard Jenkins as he battled to break the wind powered, land speed record in 2009 with a top speed of 126.2mph. Richards quest for speed and control, led to the innovation of a precise but low-power wing system that allows the Saildrone to efficiently harness wind-power to maximize range and endurance.

saildron_diagRichard’s Saildrone company now provides a fleet of these autonomous drones to collect high resolution ocean data based on their client’s specific mission requirements. Launched and retrieved from a dock, the Saildrone fleet navigates to its destination using wind power alone, transiting at 3-5 kts. Each drone can then hold station or perform survey patterns best suited for the specific research mission. Each drone is armed with an array of custom sensors and data is transmitted back to shore in real time via satellite for analysis with the researcher in constant control of the mission. Missions have included oceanography and climate studies, fish stock analysis and environmental monitoring.

It is a great honor for us to be connected to, even in a small way, the progress of marine technology and ocean science. We are happy to bring our years of experience to important projects such as this in the marine world.

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