MarsKeel Technology does not just use existing technology in the production of our keels and keel systems; we create it!

With out team of experienced designers, engineers, and our vast scope trades people, we find options for yacht builders, designers and owners to make their designs come to life.

Our process works to determine if there are ways that the production method can be improved to maintain the needed engineering and design characteristics while making the project, be it a fabricated and machined keel fin or a simple casting simpler and to a higher quality. The desire to change anything is always rooted in the goal to find a better way to make the highest quality products for the customer.

MarsKeel Technology offers both physical and intellectual support to our customers, whether they’re boat owners, builders or designers. The design and engineering support is offered through our MarsKeel Design Group.

Production Technology

The production technology can be seen in the development of new methods and materials in our pattern construction and custom molding design and production. We have developed new methods of metal fin fabrication at a reduced cost compared to more traditional methods. Combined with the actual production is the use of destructive pre-production testing and non-destructive in-production testing for our products.

Casting Technology

Our casting technology is constantly evolving. We generate modifications to tooling designs and casting methods to produce very high quality castings in a safer and more sustainable manner. Our finishing and fairing division provides the highest standard of finish to both castings and fabricated or casting keel fins.


In terms of our physical capacity MarsKeel Technology is second to none. Our continuous lead casting capacity is in excess of 200,000 lbs. or 91,000 kgs. Our CNC machining and fabrication capacity is X-60’, Y-20’ and a maximum weight of 60,000 lbs. We also have the ability to cast ferrous and non-ferrous metals.



Technology Info Sheet